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Exclusive Military NCO Hire Programs 


WHO: Company Exclusive Events are Virtual or Onsite Hiring Events tailored, built, and customized to assist companies in hiring for 3 or more positions across their organization. Exclusive events can even be built to simultaneously support multiple office locations through one combined event.

WHAT: These are built to efficiently interview and evaluate a number of candidates. Companies can elect to go directly to holding an onsite in-person hiring event or a two phase approach with virtuals followed by onsite interviews.

  • Proteus conducts a two-level candidate screening processes, utilizes a candidate application process for additional candidate insight/screening, and organizes a Smartsheet document leading up to the event that hiring managers can view and review.

WHEN: Company Exclusive Events are preplanned 2-3 weeks in advance and scheduled around your teams’ desired timeline to hire and interview.

WHERE: These events can be held virtually, at your corporate office, or even at an offsite office complex coordinated by Proteus. 


This Frontline Leaders Program format is an opportunity to interview and hire top-tier transitioning/prior military leaders that excel in leadership roles. Candidates will be excellent bench strength leaders to develop, grow, and promote within your ranks, and often set the standard within the organizations they join. 

Focused & Highly Efficient Onsite Hiring Event Format Tailored to Needs of Hiring Managers & HR/TA

Thoroughly Screened and Knowledgeable Candidate Pool

Volume Hiring Capability 

Company Exclusive Events

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